Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DANG! (Huge Response = Huge Responsibility)

As the gifts continue to slowly trickle in, the response to my call for help with Three Dang Dollars and Thirty-Three has been beautiful, moving, generous, and highly motivating.

I have received over 90 individual gifts totaling around $ 1,500, which is, of course, incredibly useful and empowering. These gifts will allow me to give more time to my creative projects without having to take on a third job (for now).

(to see the full list of gift givers go HERE and HERE).

The outpouring of help has fueled me with even more motivation to go deeper inside of these projects, and deeper inside of myself as an artist and human. I am overwhelmed now with the urge to give back for all of the generosity I have received. And the best way I know to do that is to create the best work I can, and to work with people on these projects in the most thoughtful, bravest way possible.

These are promises confirmed by your gifts, and I thank you again.

Since the time of my original ask for help, the production dates for The Milky Way Cabaret have been confirmed (November 4-14 in Dallas, Texas) and the creative team of Audacity Theater Lab met just last night to begin exploring the play and to lay the creative groundwork for the production process.

Additionally, the workshop dates for The Travel Plays (An American Potlatch Road-trip) have been set (October 6-11 in New York City) and the good folks of Boomerang Theatre Company and I have begun organizing the creative teams for that project.

Your generosity has helped make these projects possible.

Thank you again to everyone for your gifts, and for believing in me. You are awesome.