Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A few years ago, the wily artists at Audacity Theatre Lab created a project-- an experimental epistolary radio theatre project-- in which they commissioned playwrights around the country to create a radio play based on the following shared prompt:

"For one week in the middle of the summer, a giant eye appears in the sky, over the city.  At the end of seven days, it disappears as suddenly as it originally materialized."

Gathering a wealth of work, and through collaboration with a number of multi-disciplinary artists, Audacity put together several episodes of recordings of these plays.  I feel lucky to have been one of the commissioned playwrights, and to share Episode Two with cool cat Daniel Talbott.

My short work, Goodb(eye) appears roughly four and half minutes into this recording, with some fine voice work by Jeffrey Schmidt and Lydia Mackay.

You can listen to Episode Two HERE.

Big thank yous to the folks at Audacity TheatreLab for putting this project together and for continuing to share our work.

Much love,


Monday, November 10, 2014


While working in the forests and mountains of Idaho, it is somehow fitting that my play, Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum, went into publication.

Maria Konstantidies as the Old Fox, Tyer Garamella as the Pond, and Katie Croyle as Turtle, as Turtle tells the story of Fox's mother.  Plays & Players, Philadelphia: March 2014.

An interactive, immersive young audiences play, it is now in print thanks to the good people at YouthPLAYS (who also published my previous young audiences work, Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings).

Big thank yous to the countless number of excellent artists and people who brought this play to life, and who took such great care in expressing it so wonderfully earlier this year at Plays & Players in Philadelphia.

It is my hope that this opportunity will allow me to share this work with many more people and that the wonderful animals in this play-- Turtle, Fox, Heron, the Otters, Wolf, and Bear-- will continue to live on through the joyful creativity of many more future embodiments.

To visit Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum at YouthPLAYS, click here.

much love,


Monday, November 03, 2014

STELLAR CELLAR at Charm City Fringe Festival

This week I will be sharing a work, Stellar Cellar, that I've collaborated on with a lovely and talented ensemble of artists for the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore, Maryland.

 Stellar Cellar, as performed at La Petit Salon; November 2013; Baltimore, MD

Scheduled for performance dates on November 5,7,8,9, we will be sharing our work with four audiences at the unique venue, Church and Co. on Falls Road.

This work was originated by Christine Ferrera as a live radio talk show about wine, in which the show's host, Ferrera, traveled deeper into her life of memories and subconscious, echoing through the different wines, taking the audience on a multi-layered wine-tasting experience.

After the piece played numerous places, it was re-imagined to include some of my writing, which introduces a couple of wild animals into the piece (a fox and a bear), adding additional worlds to explore between ground and sky (and beyond).

The full synopsis reads:

Stellar Cellar is a journey through a woman’s subconscious, an evocation of Dionysus and a radio talk show about wine. As the host samples each wine, her memories are conjured: funnel cake and dippin’ dots on the boardwalk, monks in Macedonia, the loss of her virginity in the back of a Honda Civic. Call-in questions, a car salesman from beyond the grave, and a dystopian weather and traffic report move her further into the deep layers of her psyche… until a fox and a bear appear revealing the sorrows of the animals. Expect songs of love, sleep and the apocalypse. 

In all cases, there are some wonderfully talented folks who have created and brought this work to life, and it is a performance that has some size and some lovely theatrical surprises.

The Red Fox and The Great Spirit of the Black Bear, illustrated by Christine Ferrera.

Charm City Fringe Festival Presents: 

A radio show about wine leads deep into the forest...

Created & Performed by:

11/5 @ 7pm,
11/7 @ 6pm,
11/8 @ 10pm,
11/9 @ 3pm,

3647 Falls Road (2nd Floor)
Baltmore, MD 21211

$10 + $3 Festival Button (One-time purchase)

For tickets: https://charmcityfringe.tixato.com/buy/ccf-presents-stellar-cellar

For more info about the Fringe Festival: http://charmcityfringe.com/

Stellar Cellar show page: http://charmcityfringe.com/tickets/2014/9/10/stellar-cellar

More about Stellar Cellar:  http://fiftysevenhundred.org/upcoming-performances/stellar-cellar/

Much love,


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Listening in Idaho

Returning to city life after living three months in a National Forest, it is bittersweet to look back through journal entries from my summer working for the Forest Service.  This entry, scrawled in faded pencil on tattered parchment, comes from September 10th, 2014, two days before my assignment ended:

"Reflecting back and remembering some important things before I leave Idaho.  I saw a wolverine and a black bear in the same day-- encountering an aliveneness that I want to always be in touch with.  I climbed a mountain and was humbled to discover how inexpressible it was.

Taken during my hike to Custer Lookout, Salmon-Challis National Forest; Idaho.

And this aliveness and impossible expression is out here, away from the cities, and it is where I want and need to keep connected to.  It is out here that I see the largeness, feel the expansiveness of things, free from the moorings of category, compartments, all creating new understandings.  Because it is out here where things really speak to each other."

Thank you, mountains of Idaho, and all the lovely things that live and breathe with you.


Friday, June 07, 2013

One of my Plays is Currently Benefitting Animals in Arizona

My short play, The Race, is currently running in Prescott, Arizona, thanks to the good folks at The@trics Theatre.  As bonus, the event, Pet Plays, is a benefit to raise funds for the Yavapai Humane Society.

As someone who LOVES animals, this brings me great joy.

As the poster indicates, there are four performances, running from June 6th - 8th, all taking place at First Congregational Church.  I wish I could be there to see all these pets.

It also brings me great joy that this play, which steps inside of a dog's dreams, also honors two dear friends who I originally wrote the play for -- Ann Taylor and Timothy Verret -- over ten years ago while living in Austin, Texas.  I'm so happy that The Race lives on, and in such a purposeful way.

Big thank yous to The@trics Theatre and best of luck to them and to all the awesome animals receiving love from the Yavapai Humane Society.

much love,


Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings performs tonight in Victoria, British Columbia, thanks to the good folks at Kate Rubin Theatre and Drama Studio.

The studio's Youth Performance Company will present this Theater for Young Audiences work tonight, June 5th, 2013, at 8:00 pm at the Intrepid Theatre Club, and I enjoy thinking about this play (and its characters-- a Plastic Water Bottle, a Blue Crab, a Turtle, a Parrot, all the broken-down objects in The Gyres) being performed by young actors (which will be a first-- previous productions in Philadelphia and Phoenix were performed by adult actors).

Photo from Kate Rubin Studio's Teen Acting Intensive

This performance also marks the first time one of my plays has been produced in Canada, which is a really thrilling new threshold for me.  I'm so happy that my work is living outside of my own country.

This performance is also the first of my plays to ever be licensed through a publishing company, also  thrilling new territory for me, and for that I am grateful to the good folks at YouthPLAYS, Inc.

Big thank yous again to everyone who helped create this work, and to everyone who has made the continued sharing of this work possible.

much love,


P.S. To visit the publication page of Plastic Things, you can visit YouthPLAYS, Inc.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Space 55 Opens PLASTIC THINGS in Phoenix

It has been a good year already for my play Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings.  Published earlier this month by YouthPLAYS, this all-ages play opens today, January 26th, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brought to life for its second production (the premiere by Little Fish Theatre continues to tour the Philadelphia/NJ-area), the good folks of Space 55 have put together an impressive group of artists who will present the work each Saturday and Sunday through February 10th, for nine performances total (2:00 pm and 7:00 pm shows on Saturday, 2:00 pm on Sunday).

This production, directed by the lovely and talented Michelle Kable, will include live music, puppetry (including a shadow-puppet version of "the Gyres"), and will feature a set made of recyclable materials, all in the intimate environment of Space 55's downtown Phoenix home.

For more information about the show, you can visit Space 55's website HERE.

I am grateful to Space 55 for taking on this work, and for continuing and expanding its life.  Big leg-breaking thank yous to director Michelle Kable, and performers Mack Duncan, Ron Foligno, Pina, and Dilcia Yanez.

much love,