Monday, March 12, 2012

RADIO GHOSTS a Finalist for Bay Area Playwrights Festival

Collaborator Mike Vernusky and I continue to be encouraged by the response to Radio Ghosts, this time from The Playwrights Foundation's annual new play development program, the Bay Area Playwrights Festival (BAPF).

Based in San Francisco, 2012 will mark the 35th year of the festival, which has a rich history of developing some truly wonderful plays written by many writers whose work I admire (Sheila Callaghan, Dan Dietz, Annie Baker, just to name a few in the last couple years).

Mike and I feel honored that of over 400 submissions, Radio Ghosts is one of only 24 finalists. These are huge odds we have so far beaten, but the goal is to participate fully, which means there is still work left to do (just as there is still work to do on the project).

As we discover what might be possible for us next, Mike and I continue to work with the good folks of Chicago's New Leaf Theatre, working closely with director Matthew Ozawa to continue to explore the piece, to bust it open, to listen deeply to its demands, and to share it with another audience in late March (see you there, Chicago friends!).

Continued thanks to all the awesome people who have contributed to this project, and big congrats to collaborator Mike Vernusky.

much love,