Thursday, December 08, 2011

RADIO GHOSTS, New York City, and Boomerangs

On Sunday November 20th, collaborator Mike Vernusky (electronic music composition) and I presented an in-progress staging our theatrical project, RADIO GHOSTS, as part of Boomerang Theatre Company's "First Flight New Play Reading Series".

Mike Vernusky and I drinking mystery drinks at Boomerang Theatre's
"Flights of Fancy" eve
nt (Nov 19, 2011).

Mike and I have been at work on this project since 2006, putting up early, unfinished versions of the work in various forms in several cities. However, our collaboration with Boomerang in New York marked the first presentation of the completed script, which I finished at the end of 2010 after stepping away from the project for three years.

After spending a highly enjoyable and productive few days with Mike, director Marielle Duke, and our wonderful group of actors, I feel encouraged by the response to the material (both from my collaborators and from audience) but also aware of the considerable amount of work ahead of me. I am proud of what's there, but unsatisfied with what's missing.

I look forward to upcoming opportunities to get inside the work again-- first with director Cara Blouin who is directing Radio Ghosts for The Painted Bride Art Center's "Bridal Salon" in January 2012 (in Philadelphia), and then with the good folks of New Leaf Theatre in Chicago later in March, as part of their "Treehouse Reading Series".

In the meantime, I am hugely grateful to Tim Errickson and Boomerang Theatre Company for their continued interest in my work and for their big-time generosity of spirit and enjoyable companionship (and for the good times at "Flights of Fancy!"). Big thank yous to the Radio Ghosts/Boomerang team of director Marielle Duke and actors August Schulenberg, Cotton Wright, Jon Dysktra, Kate Kertez, John Greenleaf, Michael Mraz, and Max Burrough-- you all taught me a lot and in lots of fun ways.

Performers August Shulenberg (William Tell), Kate Kertez (Lucy Walters),
John Greenleaf (Dr. Abernathy), and Jon Dykstra (Henry Mondarma).

Big thanks yous to the friends who came out to the event, especially the ones who traveled all the way from Philly (you know who you are!)

Huge thank yous as well to Daniel Maldonado (and Jen!) for giving me and Mike a floor to sleep on for three nights, and lots of fun art-sharing and conversation (and spider soup).

rock on,