Monday, October 15, 2007

The Work on RADIO GHOSTS Continues

The collaborative team for Radio Ghosts is gearing up for another round of work.

We continue to build this project-- asking questions, exploring form, and opening our hearts as we continue work on what is, for all of us, one of the most exciting projects we've ever entered into.

We are now assembling the rest of our creative team for at least one presentation in early 2008. As part of The Dramatists Guild's on-going efforts to develop new works, we will be presenting Radio Ghosts as part of their "Friday Night Footlights" series in New York.

We will be presenting this work-in-progress on:

Friday, February 1st, 2008 at
The Dramatists Guild of America
1501 Broadway, Ste 701 (the F. Loewe Room is 710)
New York, NY

The creative team assembled so far is STELLAR and I love them all to pieces:

by Greg Romero (Philadelphia)
by Mike Vernusky (Austin)
by Andrew J. Merkel (Philadelphia)
by Genevieve Saenz (NYC)
by Stephen Hungerford (Philadelphia)

We are also in communication with a number of performers right now who are all very talented, passionate, wonderful artists and people.

So far, this is what the project is all about:

An expert in Holographic Theory (named William Tell) tries to speak to his comatized son through radio waves. A ghost carrying a wool blanket appears and shatters the world. A physician tests his imagination with a patient who continually falls into fires.

Using Electronic Voice Phenomenon and
The Holographic Universe as inspiration, Radio Ghosts is a multi-layered collaborative work that combines live performance and recorded sound, creating a real-time (bending), performative conversation between what is live, what is electronically composed, and what is beyond our imagination.



Monday, October 08, 2007

SHARPEN MY DICK To Open in Delaware

My ten-minute play, Sharpen My Dick, begins its second voyage into production-- this time with Wilmington, Delaware's City Theater Company.

Having opened originally off-off Broadway in Working Man's Clothes' production of FuckPlays, the Wilmington production of Sharpen My Dick sounds like a blast, and really hot with fun:

From CTC:


Sex sells at City Theater Company!

City Theater Company, Delaware's Off-Broadway, invites patrons to get in bed with them as they present THE SEX PLAYS: CTC's 2007 BENEFIT SHOW & CARNIVALE. This one-night-only special event takes place on Saturday, October 13th at the troupe's new home at OperaDelaware Studios, located at 4 S. Poplar Street on the Wilmington waterfront.

CTC takes the "fun" part of "fundraiser" seriously by promising patrons good food, choice beverages, potential nudity, free stuff, and lots of laughs. The special event showcases City Theater Company's signature style with an evening of original and outrageous 10-minute plays, all celebrating America's favorite pastime. From a `60s-inspired rock musical to a satire of online porn, the six plays represent some of the area's funniest and most promising playwrights: Matt Casarino's Johnny Infamous; Josh McIlvain's Backyard; Kevin Regan's Date Agents; Howard Rice's Erections/Direction's; Greg Romero's Sharpen My Dick; and Steve Schutzman's No Talking On The First Date.

The accompanying party showcases events like Karaoke Love Duets, Personalized Mating Dances, and Bad Couples Therapy; plus appearances by CTC's most popular people. A silent auction is also featured.

The good times roll beginning at 7pm at OperaDelaware Studios. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door.

Visit org for tickets, directions, and more information.


Rock on,