Friday, July 06, 2012


Since its close on June 23rd, I have been meaning to write about my recent profound experiences at the 2012 WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab.  But I have been unable to find the words.  I have thought of posting some images instead-- photos, dreams, moments, fragments, bits of memory surrounded by music.

These ideas have sparked me, but I have still had trouble igniting expression.  Perhaps I have felt that withholding keeps it sacred.  Or maybe I am too scared to release these memories into the world, for fear of losing them, for fear of the fire dying.

But I know this is a fear that I must confront.  Especially since the memories/fires, I know, are safe there, deep down in the bones.

The BABEL Ensemble creating body sculptures with Resource Artist Jeff Wirth.  
Photo by Phoebe Troiani.

I feel extremely fortunate, however, that Peter Davis has beautifully, eloquently, expressed the WordBRIDGE experience for me, partly through several thoughtful interviews of a number of this year's Lab participants.

It is my hope that you will read Peter's words HERE (in Baltimore's What Weekly Magazine) and see them, as full as they are, as only an introduction to the complete story of WordBRIDGE's generous magic.

Big thank yous to everyone, again, at the 2012 WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab, for a truly transformational, humbling, life-affirming experience.

Jennifer Culotta (Office Worker 1) and Sarah Lloyd (Office Worker 2).  
Photo by Vincent Culotta.

To that end, the words below now find themselves in the first few pages of THE BABEL PROJECT:

The Babel Project enjoyed a two-week creative journey as part of WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory, Baltimore, Maryland, June 2012.

And for this experience, the authors owe much gratitude.  Not only for the purposeful, deeply insightful, and innovative development of this work, but for the purposeful, insightful, innovative development of its authors as artists and humans.

This journey offered us countless gifts, many of which we will unwrap, continually, and with wonder and deep humility.

The WordBRIDGE creative team for The Babel Project included director Peter Wray, dramaturg George Brant, and stage manager J.D. Sivert.  The performers included Erin Boots, Rena Brault, Rich Buchanan, Jennifer Culotta, Emily Hall, Jamie Johnson, Kat Kaplan, Charles Kartali, Sarah Lloyd, Peyton Lynch, Will Manning, Tanner Medding, Erich Poch, and Michele Vazquez.

Big thank yous as well to the entire 2012 WordBRIDGE Company—you are all magical.


much love,