Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vernusky/Romero Collaboration on CD

My long-time collaborator and friend Mike Vernusky has just released a new CD, Music for Film and Electro-Theatre, in which lives a couple of projects he and I worked on together.

Within the 9-track recording are two works, "Dallas" and "Under My Coat is the Truth", which Mike and I created together using my text and his sounds. These two projects are part of the body of work we're exploring together under the umbrella, "electro-theatre".

Like all of Mike's work, the entire recording is mind-blowing, space-changing, imaginative and virtuosic. It's a pleasure to work with this guy and I'm totally proud of the recordings we did for this specific project.

You can listen to some of the work here, as well as snag a copy or two if you love it (CD or MP3).

(Mike was also generous enough to give away copies to audience of our most recent public collaboration, The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard).

Big thank yous to Quiet Design for making this happen, and to the actors (Jeffrey Carlson, Elena DeAngelis, Cody Kirk, Michael Kranes, T. Lynn Mikeska) who worked with me and Mike, bringing the work to life.

rock on,


Thursday, August 19, 2010


As Audacity Theatre Lab tools together Episode 3 of their EYE IN THE SKY PROJECT: an innovative experiment in epistolary radio drama, they are re-posting Episode 2, which presents work from myself, Daniel Talbott, and Erin Courtney.

You can go HERE to listen to Daniel, Erin, and my responses to this challenge:

"For one week in the middle of the summer a giant eye appears in the sky over the city. At the end of seven days it disappears as suddenly as it had originally materialized..."

Big thank yous to Artistic Director Brad McEntire for continuing to involve me in ATL's fun projects, and to actors Jeffrey Schmidt and Lydia Mackay for bring my piece, GOODB(EYE), to life via the Internet airwaves.

rock on,


Thursday, August 05, 2010

LULLABY at The Rotunda

We don't know yet what will happen.

But on Sunday, August 15th, a talented group of collaborators and I will share our discoveries on our experiment with my play, The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard.

We welcome folks to join us at 7pm at The Rotunda (40th and Walnut) to work on the project with us.

postcard design from world premiere production, City Attic Theatre (NYC)

Some of you may already have seen or read (or worked on!) the play before, but this project aspires to be a new experience as I am working with long-time collaborator (and electronic music composer) Mike Vernusky to explode/explore this piece even further.

In short, we are removing one of the play's characters (The Narrator) and replacing them with a recorded composition, created by Vernusky specifically for this project. We are attempting to get at the heart of this work by removing words and replacing them with sound.

The actors now, in addition to the play's original demands and restrictions (the characters are stuck in chairs for the entire play), will be working with the added challenge of playing within and against a wildly imaginative recorded electronic score, compelling us all to listen more closely than ever.

It is kind of an impossible task and we have no idea if this will work.

But the question excites us, and we have a team of ACE-talented folks who are up for the challenge, digging deep and finding gold.

Our event at the Rotunda is our continued exploration with additional questions (how does this piece work in a performance space? With an audience? With production elements?), and we look forward to discovering/breathing in the piece together.

I look forward to it and I hope you do too.


The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard
script by Greg Romero
music by Mike Vernusky
directed by Ken Kaissar
performed by Kevin Meehan and Megan Slater

Sunday, August 15th, 7:00 pm
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St
Philadelphia PA 19104

Admission: Pay What You Want


Big thank yous to the awesomely talented artists working with me (both in the present moment and in the moments leading up to this one) and the folks who have made this particular workshop possible.

Thank you Gina Renzi, Drexel University (Nick Anselmo, Nan Gilbert, Mark Andrews, Beng Lin Yeo), Jodi Alonzo, Laurence Becker, Hugh Craig, Betsy Currie, Josh Emmons, Jackie Goldfinger, Chris Herdt and Nicola Grissom, Jenny Kokai, Taylor Maddux, Christiana Molldrem, Abby Pudlewski, Dustin Puryear, Don Slater, and Angela Turner.

rock on,


Monday, August 02, 2010

Breathing Fire Full-Time

Beginning September 1st, 2010, I begin a year-long assignment as "Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater" at Drexel University.


Me and Mario will be hangin' out on a full-time basis

This is a temporary promotion from my previous assignment as Adjunct Faculty at Drexel (and other universities in the area) and I look forward to the new challenges and rewards of being a full-time college professor.

During the upcoming Fall, Winter, and Spring terms (Drexel uses the quarter system), I will continue teaching a rotation of courses in "Theatrical Experience", "Theater History (I & II)", and "Dramatic Analysis", and will also lead and organize the "Director's Lab" as well as lead the course "Let's Go!" (whose goals are to bring students to Philadelphia-area theater productions/live events).

My previous year teaching at Drexel was a good one as I like my teaching partners and I like the students. After getting to know the faculty and student community, I was hoping to become more involved with the school, and the universe heard me.

I look forward to continuing to find my creative abilities as a teacher, to continue developing my listening skills, and to continue learning how my teaching and artistic projects continue feeding each other.

And I definitely look forward to getting to know the students better, and how we can help each other break it open.

Big thank yous to Cecilia Fitzgibbon and Nick Anselmo for believing in me enough to bring me into the fold, full-time, and to the students for making the job so much fun.

Go Dragons!!