Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SHOVEL Opens in the Philly Fringe

Just as Valentine's Day closed, my short play, Shovel, opens in the Philly Fringe as part of 4 x 4, a staging of four short new plays in four different and environmental 4-foot by 4-foot spaces in Plays and Players Theater.

The production opened on Sunday, September 7th and runs through Saturday, September 13th.

I attended the production Sunday evening and enjoyed traveling through the multiple environments of Plays and Players and seeing the numerous creative uses of theatrical space. I appreciate this production's innovation, and I thank collaborators Andrew J. Merkel (director) and Cherie A. Roberts (performing the role of "Elida") for their hard work.

For additional information about the show, you can visit HERE.

For a direct link to tickets and information via the Philly Fringe Festival website, click HERE.

Rock on,