Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm a Saint Joseph's University Hawk

Wednesday, September 3rd was my first day teaching at Saint Joseph's University. Home of the "Hawks", St. Joe's is a wonderful, liberal-arts based, Jesuit-founded/influenced university. I am teaching two courses, "Introduction to Theater Arts" and "American Theater". My students are mostly new to theater, whose majors range from Fine and Performing Arts (there is no "theater" major at SJU) to Health, to Management, to Accounting, to Marketing, to Psychology, to Elementary Education. This means that my course "Introduction to Theater" truly lives up to its name. I look forward to bringing theater to these students, and see it as an opportunity to help them find their creative core, as well as continue my work bringing theater into more cultural conversations in this country.

I'm one of only three faculty members (the others are an Associate Professor and a Technical Director) on the Theater Arts department, and look forward to helping this program grow into an even more active, more rigorous place of learning.

I am also happy that my teaching opportunities continue to grow, and that they continue to provide me with my own opportunities for learning and growth.

Rock on,