Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My ten-minute play, Two Bubbles, is now officially published by Playscripts, Inc.

Heck yeah!

They notified me of upcoming publication in December (2007) and the process of publication is now complete.

Brendan Ahearn, Tiffany Feng, Brad McEntire, Laurie Farris, Jeff Hernandez, and Shannon Marie in Two Bubbles, Audacity Productions / Rover Dramawerks, Plano, Texas (2002). Photo: Carol Rice.

Two Bubbles is anthologized with nine other plays in Great Short Comedies: Volume 3.

You can see all the details (as well as buy copies and license the play for production!) here:


Huge thank yous to all the awesome people who helped make this thing. As with all works, it took a village to create and stage this play.

From the Acknowledgements (pg 115):

Thank you Audacity Productions and Rover Dramawerks for making me stay up all night to write this play.

Thank you to Brendan Ahearn who directed the original production of this play on very little sleep. And to the six actors who first brought Mark and Sheila to life: Brad McEntire, Laurie Farris, Jeff Hernandez, Shannon Marie, Brendan Ahearn, and Tiffany Feng.

In addition to the published acknowledgements-- thank you Andrew H. Beal, Ishaq Clayton, Erin Delperdang, Matthew Dell'Olio, Jonathan Kim, Felicia Leicht, Adrienne Mackey, Kate May, Andrew J. Merkel, Sara Pauley, Cherie A. Roberts, Sarah P. Robinson, Tommy Schoffler, Jeff Swearingen, Nicole Whiteside, Olivia Whitmer, Cliff Diver Productions, rm 120 theatre, and City Theatre Company for your work on this play.

Rock on,