Thursday, August 07, 2008

SHOVEL In Rehearsal

My project, SHOVEL, is now a couple weeks into rehearsal and I am excited about the strange and horrifying things collaborators Andrew J. Merkel (director) and Cherie A. Roberts (playing the role of "Elida") and I are discovering.

Cherie A. Roberts as "Elida" in Shovel

The piece is a solo-performance (12 - 15 minutes) that explores script and Butoh-inspired movement. We performed a work-in-progress version of it in June and have further developed it for production during the upcoming Philly Fringe Festival.

The work is very dark and dreamy and kind of its own form. I am thrilled to see how things continue to develop and, as always, am enjoying the collaboration with Andy and Cherie as we tackle another project that exposes all of us and has no real easy answers.

SHOVEL will be part of "4 x 4" at Plays and Players Theater-- specific production details to be announced soon.

Rock on,