Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Playwriting Fundamentals at The WILMA Studio School

Very soon I begin teaching "Playwriting Fundamentals" at the very cool Wilma Theatre. I look forward to continuing my experiences as a teacher/learner and continuing to get to know the wonderful people and artists in the city of Philadelphia. Open to the public, I anticipate a great mix of folks and will do my best to help my students find their writing awesomeness.

Playwriting Fundamentals
Greg Romero
This entry level course will cover various aspects of crafting a play from nurturing the seeds of an idea to developing the arch of a character. Particular attention will be paid to freeing each student’s voice from the obstacles that inhibit the growth of their unique and authentic writing style.
$240, 10 weeks; begins 2/5/08

To learn more about the course, the instructor, and the Wilma Studio:

Join us at the WILMA Studio School's Winter OPEN HOUSE.

WHEN: Monday, January 21 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm
WHERE: The Wilma Theater Studio

WHY: You might not meet the new Mayor of Philadelphia and we aren't promising Tastykakes...

Here's what we can promise though:

- an opportunity to meet the studio school faculty and learn about their classes
- a chance to win a FREE CLASS in the raffle
- maybe even a much coveted free mini-session with Alexander Technique
Guru, Mary McCann.

For a full schedule of spring classes at the Wilma visit:

TO REGISTER call 215-893-9456 ext. 106

Anne K. Holmes, Education Director
The Wilma Theater
265 S. Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: [215] 893-9456 ext.101
akh@wilmatheater. org
Fax: [215] 893-0895