Friday, November 20, 2009

I Breathe Fire More

I am happy to learn that I will continue teaching at Drexel University for both the Winter and Spring terms of 2010. A quarter system, I will teach consecutive 10-week terms, beginning early January through early June.


Currently teaching "Dramatic Analysis" (and totally enjoying it), I will have the privilege of teaching two courses each upcoming term: "Theatre History I" and "Theatrical Experience" in the Winter (January-April) and "Theatre History II" and "Theatrical Experience" in the Spring (April-June).

Because I am not a historian, these assignments will add to my own theatrical education, which I am thrilled about. This assignment will force be just as much as a student as the Drexel undergrads, which is something I always hope for/attempt to create while teaching. Together we will make some fun discoveries through thousands of years of studying live events and I look forward to the journey.

rock on,