Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DALLAS to Play at The Shubin Theatre

My project, DALLAS, will be presented for one night, November 24th, 2009, at The Shubin Theatre in Philadelphia as part of Primary Stages, an ongoing developmental forum for new short plays, co-produced by Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC) and The Secret Room Theatre.

The play steps inside a 24-hour greasy-spoon diner inside the haunted brain of Clinton J. Hill, the Secret Service Agent who couldn't quite save John F. Kennedy's life.

Clint Hill on the back of the President's limousine, November 22, 1963

The piece, originally written as one of 37 of TRAVEL PLAYS, has become another collaboration between me and electronic music composer Mike Vernusky. Vernusky has created an 11-minute composition that includes a re-creation of the voices of Arlen Specter (voiced by Michael Kranes) and Clinton J. Hill (Cody R. Kirk) from the 1963 Warren Commission hearings after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The project finds its performance legs in the shared space between the script, the composition, and the movement/gestural language created by director Ken Kaissar and performers Chris Braak, Porter Eidam, Anabelle Garcia, Felicia Leicht, and Aaron Oster.

The play is one of six short works beginning at 8:00 pm at The Shubin Theatre (4th and Bainbridge).

Big thank yous the collaborative team for their great work on this presentation, to co-producers Todd Holtsberry and Bill Rolleri for putting the project together, to Nick Anselmo and Nan Gilbert at Drexel University, and to Dianna Marino, for who the orginal play, DALLAS, was written.

rock on,