Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Hawk Never Dies

I just received word that I will be returning to my teaching position at Saint Joseph's University (Philadelphia). I had a wonderful time at SJU last year and am thrilled to continue my position as Adjunct Faculty, teaching the course "American Theater" in the Fine and Performing Arts Department (to read about the awesome final projects from last semester's "Intro the Theater" class, go here).

Thank you to all my students for such a great experience, and to Renee Dobson for the opportunity to teach, and for her continued support of my work in the classroom.

I look forward to the year ahead--to meeting new students, to continuing the relationships with last year's group, to our continued journeys through "space" together, and to my own continued journey through teaching/learning and how to explore/explode dynamic, imaginative, creative ways of engaging with people and information. I look forward to continue helping people learn, including myself.

It will be fun to see what objects we stand on, how we change the space of the room, how we surprise each other, how we connect huge ideas, how we look through the lens of live art to view our country and our lives, how we rip it up, and how we transform each other by deepening our own understanding of self.

It should be a fun time! Cheers to a good year ahead of us.


rock on,