Friday, April 25, 2008

Send Me on a Journey and I Will Write You a Play

An Open Fund-raising letter (please donate!):


Dear Friends,

First of all-- THANK YOU!

When I recently asked your help for my project Radio Ghosts, your response was HUGE. My collaborators and I received enough gifts to cover almost all of our costs-- a serious accomplishment considering the project ended up needing $ 2,000 to complete.

With your help we were able to pay for travel expenses, acquire necessary materials, rent rehearsal and performance venues in Philadelphia AND New York City and present a highly successful presentation in TWO cities!

Additionally, it was really nice to re-connect with many of you and re-establish a correspondance (how are you doing?). Plus, all of the wonderful notes and cards and messages were outstanding. I still have all of them and plan to do something highly creative with them.

In short-- You Rule.

So....I come for your help again, this time for a journey that will last the next THREE years.

Three years?

Holy Moly!

The press release below explains in more detail, but the short version is that Dallas-based company, Audacity Theatre Lab, has agreed to produce THREE of my plays over the next THREE years.

You heard that right.

Three plays. Three years.


We're calling this project 3P/3Y and it launches in May 2008 with a production of The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard.

This is a HUGE undertaking and we need your help to make it happen.


So how can you help, you might ask?

Audacity Theatre Lab has flown me in once to help with the production process for Lullaby. To help out, I have volunteered to raise enough money to fly me back to Dallas for opening weekend (May 7-10!).

Thus, my immediate goal is to raise $ 300.

However-- because I am feeling ambitious, Audacity Theatre Lab and I have agreed that any additional funds raised during this ask will go directly to additional 3P/3Y needs.

With that in mind, I am setting the goal to raise $ 2,000.

And because I'm asking something from you, I want to EARN your gifts.

So, to symbolize the incredible journey ahead (and because I love road trips), here's what I want to do.....

Philadelphia and Dallas are roughly 1,500 miles apart. I need you to donate enough miles to get me from Philadelphia to Dallas.

Using the immediate goal of $ 300, you can donate miles for 20 cents a piece! For a dollar, you will send me five miles! For a hundred dollars, you will send me 500 miles!

And here's the fun part:

I will map your donated miles, beginning from my house in Philadelphia towards my destination in Dallas. And whichever city I land in (whichever city you send me to!), I will write you a play inspired by that city and send it to you in the mail.

How about that?!

I will write a play for YOU and mail it to you.

How long of a play? (you might ask).

It depends on how many states you send me through. I will write you a page for every state that your gift makes me pass through.

For example!:

When you donate 50 dollars-- at 20 cents a mile-- you've just sent me 250 miles! Which've sent me to Mount Jackson, Virginia!

Imagine a play written just for you about Mount Jackson! This would be a 4-page epic being that your gift sends me through Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

And if that's not good enough, for just over 100 bucks, I will write you a 5-page play about Blountville, Tennessee!

Or-- if you prefer, you can pick your own destination. Say-- you want me to write you a play about Washington DC. DC is 150 miles away! For $ 30, I would write you an awesome play about Washington DC! And the play would be 3 pages because I'd have to pass through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland!

How fun is that?!

And all the while (let us not forget), you will be contributing to the production of THREE PLAYS over the next THREE YEARS!!

Everyone Wins!! Could there be anything better?!!

So what do I do to hop aboard this train? (you might ask)

Here's how we make it happen:

1. Send donations (and fun notes) directly to me (by May 1st):

Greg Romero
214 Beck St
Philadelphia PA 19147

2. When I receive your gift, I will email you, confirm receipt, and let you know which city I'll write your play about (and how long the play will be).

3. I will mail you your completed play by the end of June, 2008.

It's that simple!

A play just for you! And THREE PLAYS over the next THREE YEARS for me!


Thank you in advance for making this happen!