Wednesday, April 09, 2008

LULLABY enters rehearsal with Audacity

On Thursday, April 10th, The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard launches into rehearsal with Audacity Theatre Lab in Dallas.

I am excited about the play entering its third production process and look forward to continuing to learn the play through the brave artists who take it on. Knowing some of the Audacity artists already, I expect they will be rigorous and creative, will ask good questions, and will have a sense of humor and fun with the work. I regret being too far away to join them (because it would be fun), but the distance comes at a good time as I continue my own process of letting this play live on its own without me.

As the journey continues, these are the good folks who will set sail together:

The Most Beautiful Lullaby You've Ever Heard
by Greg Romero

Directed by Brad McEntire
Co-produced by Ruth Engel

Performed by:

The Narrator................Tyson Rinehart
The Man.....................Jeff Swearingen
The Woman.................Paula Wood

Thank you to Brad, Ruth, Tyson, Jeff, and Paula for breathing life into the play once more, and bon voyage!!