Monday, September 11, 2017

FOXING Makes the Long List

In addition to producing 10 short plays a year, Pint-Sized Theatre in London, England, creates a "long list" of 100 writers whom they endorse and offer developmental support.  This year, my play Foxing made the long list.

Foxing was originally written for the Play in a Day project, produced by Cumberland County College in New Jersey.

Pint-Sized Theatre has an excellent mission, and I am encouraged by their interest, selecting my play to be among 100 of their favorites out of the 1,237 plays (!) that were sent to them for their consideration.  To describe their work, here are their own words:

"Pint-Sized is here for you, whoever you are. We're a new-writing company, dedicated to more representative theatre. That means supporting and creating opportunities for writers and directors of every background, and discovering the best in emerging talent."

As for the play itself, this is what's shakin':

A young couple, Aaron and Charlie, exhaust themselves through strange exercises and energetic dances, interrupting the unique relationship-counseling session led by a human who is also a fox. They drink water, do burpees, transform into wild animals, and unfold the pieces of paper the fox keeps handing them, confronting the most difficult conversation they keep trying to bury.

I look forward to my relationship with Pint-Sized Theatre and happy to be closer to my goal of having my writing produced in the United Kingdom.

Here is the full Long List and a nice message from the company.

Big thank yous to Pint-Sized, and continued thank yous to Deborah Bradshaw and Chris Totora, whose invitations to participate in Play in a Day continue to lead to further opportunities.  Thank you also to Kendall Lynch, who was a very awesome writing partner during this play's creation.

much love,