Monday, November 03, 2014

STELLAR CELLAR at Charm City Fringe Festival

This week I will be sharing a work, Stellar Cellar, that I've collaborated on with a lovely and talented ensemble of artists for the Charm City Fringe Festival in Baltimore, Maryland.

 Stellar Cellar, as performed at La Petit Salon; November 2013; Baltimore, MD

Scheduled for performance dates on November 5,7,8,9, we will be sharing our work with four audiences at the unique venue, Church and Co. on Falls Road.

This work was originated by Christine Ferrera as a live radio talk show about wine, in which the show's host, Ferrera, traveled deeper into her life of memories and subconscious, echoing through the different wines, taking the audience on a multi-layered wine-tasting experience.

After the piece played numerous places, it was re-imagined to include some of my writing, which introduces a couple of wild animals into the piece (a fox and a bear), adding additional worlds to explore between ground and sky (and beyond).

The full synopsis reads:

Stellar Cellar is a journey through a woman’s subconscious, an evocation of Dionysus and a radio talk show about wine. As the host samples each wine, her memories are conjured: funnel cake and dippin’ dots on the boardwalk, monks in Macedonia, the loss of her virginity in the back of a Honda Civic. Call-in questions, a car salesman from beyond the grave, and a dystopian weather and traffic report move her further into the deep layers of her psyche… until a fox and a bear appear revealing the sorrows of the animals. Expect songs of love, sleep and the apocalypse. 

In all cases, there are some wonderfully talented folks who have created and brought this work to life, and it is a performance that has some size and some lovely theatrical surprises.

The Red Fox and The Great Spirit of the Black Bear, illustrated by Christine Ferrera.

Charm City Fringe Festival Presents: 

A radio show about wine leads deep into the forest...

Created & Performed by:

11/5 @ 7pm,
11/7 @ 6pm,
11/8 @ 10pm,
11/9 @ 3pm,

3647 Falls Road (2nd Floor)
Baltmore, MD 21211

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