Friday, January 18, 2013


I am completely excited to announce that my play, Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings, is now published by YouthPLAYS, Inc., a Los Angeles-based publisher and licensing house.

The Oldest Sea Turtle Who Ever Lived (Josh Totora), Reginald the Blue Crab (Kevin Chick), and Sam the Plastic Water Bottle, from the Little Fish Theatre production; Philadelphia, PA; September 2012.  Photo by Charlotte Leigh.
As my first attempt at writing a theater for young audiences play, this experience, from conception to presentation to publication, has been a thrilling, rewarding journey, introducing me to new collaborators and new audiences.  This project is one of the highlights of a very satisfying body of work.

It is my hope that, in addition to the productions already in progress, the publication of this play will give this work a continued and sustained life, playing out over and over again with audiences and imaginations of all ages.

It is my hope that Sam the Plastic Water Bottle, Reginald the Blue Crab, Billie the Parrot, and The Oldest Sea Turtle Who Ever Lived will get to play together for a very long time.

To visit the Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings' publishing page, visit YouthPLAYS here.

Sam's Father (Kevin Chick) and Sam's Mother (Maryruth Stine) caught in The Gyres.  Photo by Charlotte Leigh.
Big congratulations and thank yous to Little Fish Theatre for originally commissioning and trusting me to create this play, and for all of their support during the process.  Also, big congratulations and thank yous to the members of the 2012 Winter Studio at Drexel University, whose creativity and exploration inspired the first draft of Plastic Things.  Big thank yous also to Charlotte Leigh, who, by good fortune, happened to photograph one of our performances.  And huge thank yous to Jonathan Dorf and Ed Shockley of YouthPLAYS, Inc., for believing in this play, and for their generosity during the publishing process.

much love,