Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DALLAS Returns to the Shubin Theatre

The journey for Dallas continues, returning on April 13th and 15th (2012), to one of the first places it ever performed, Philadelphia's Shubin Theatre. Originally presented as a "staged reading" for Philly's Primary Stages in November 2009, Dallas was selected as one of a handful of projects to be included in the production, "Best of Philly's Primary Stages", celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Shubin Theatre.

Clinton Hill and Jacqueline Kennedy (Dallas, Texas)

I continue to be thrilled with the opportunities to share this project, the upcoming production at the Shubin marking the sixth different performance of this work with an audience.

Big congratulations (and thank yous) again to collaborator Mike Vernusky, whose electronic music composition continues to haunt me and expand the worlds around me.

This performance is directed by Ken Kaissar (who directed the original staged reading two-and-a-half years ago) and includes performers Aram Alan Aghazarian, Rick Horner, Dana Marcus, John C. Nagy III, and Lynnia Shanley (who performed in The Undead production of Dallas in the 2011 Philly Fringe). The creative team also includes Assistant Director/Dramaturg Zachary Scovish. I am very happy with the thoughtful, detailed, and smart work being done by this team, and look forward to experiencing everyone's work in the intimate and unique environment of the Shubin.

Thank yous to the Shubin Theater, and Philly's Primary Stages for making this production possible. Thank you also to Drexel University, whose continued support of my creative work makes all of these projects more fun.

Continued thanks to Cody R. Kirk and Michael Kranes, whose voices continue to come through the walls, to Dianna Schoenborn, for whom this work was originally written, and to all the artists who have contributed to this work over the past few years.

For more information about this project, you can visit the event page here.