Monday, October 05, 2009


On Wednesday, October 7th, my potlatch/roadtrip project, THE TRAVEL PLAYS will begin a journey through a four-day, ten-hour workshop/discovery process with Boomerang Theatre Company in New York City.

The project, 37 different plays written for 37 different friends (taking place in 37 different locations), will be explored by six different directors leading six different creative teams. Each team will work on 6-7 plays, exploring/exploding these works with one leading maxim-- be as imaginative and as creative as possible. And have a fucking blast!

The work will culminate in a group-sharing event, open to the public on Saturday, October 10th at 5:00 pm. (if you are reading this and in the NYC area, I would LOVE to see you there!)

I am thrilled to continue working on this project, as it continues the multi-layered gift-exchange between me, my friends, and my work. I am excited to meet a large group (six directors, over 20 actors) of mostly new collaborators and to continue to make exciting theatrical discoveries about these plays and about live performance in general.

Big thank yous to Tim Errickson, Artistic Director of Boomerang, for his interest in this project, and for organizing and producing the event.


by Greg Romero

Directed by:
Adriana Baer, Marielle Duke, Michael Flanagan, Andrew J. Merkel, Daniel Talbott, and Jordana Williams

Dramaturgy by:
Wally Zialcita

Produced by:
Tim Errickson and Boomerang Theatre Company


Saturday, October 10th, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Shetler Studios
244 W 54th St 12th Floor
New York NY

(To view the Facebook event page, go here.)


rock on,